What are your plans for sustainability?

First, we will release limited collections once or twice a month. Each collection will be under 250 NFTs, this will allow us to 20+ collections without even nearing 10,000 NFTs. We will also create different characters as we go. Second, we will have a community fund that saves 30 percent of all revenue from each collection. The community fund will be split into two parts. 20 Percent of all the Revenue will go to the community fund. The other 10 percent will be a savings for when we are ready to invest into a stable metaverse. Third, we will be re investing the profit we make into expanding our team. Our Goal is to have 3 full time developers, 4-6 international moderators, and 2-3 full time artists.

How will you integrate with the Metaverse?

We will be saving 10 percent of all revenue from each collection and 10 percent of all aftermarket royalties. Once we find a sustainable metaverse we will invest into it.

What is the community fund?

The goal of the Community Fund is to save money for a rainy day or any future ventures. We will be saving 20 percent of all sales Revenue and 20 percent of all aftermarket Royalties into the community fund. NFT holders will be able to propose ideas on how we can spend the money. Once the proposal gets enough attention we will have a community vote to decide if we should execute the plan. We believe this is the fairest way for the community to be able to interact with the project

Where can I find info on release date and price?

Please check the whitelist and release channel. Here you will be able to see a list of all of our collections. This will include the mint price, supply, and release date. You will also be able to find whitelist information.

 What ecosystem will you be using?

We will be using Hedera Hashgraph